Creating Impact


Educate! Lead! Invest!

NewMexicoWomen.Org creates impact through our three pronged strategy of Educating, Leading and Investing.
  • NMW.O grantmaking is based off of the findings of the Indicators Report and seeks to build on this research to improve the quality of life for women and girls. In conjunction with our Take a Stand for New Mexico Women and Girls campaign, the focus of the 2014 and 2015 funding cycles has been women’s economic security and addressing the root causes of poverty. See the Grantmaking tab below for a full description of our 2014 grantees.
  • NMW.O statewide community conversations aim to both share the research findings of the Indicators Report with the communities whose stories helped shape it and listen to the stories and issues impacting New Mexico’s women and girls, so that we can share them with our wider community and use them to inform our strategic grantmaking and planning.
  • NMW.O's professional action team aims to connect the business community with the work being done in the non-profit sector on behalf of women and girls in New Mexico, educate the business community about issues facing women and in girls in New Mexico, share mutual insights and expertise with our business partners and invite financial support from the business community for NMW.O.
  • NMW.O's newly launched Girls Give internship program is a leadership initiative focused on engaging young women and girls in the work of NewMexicoWomen.Org. An advisory board comprised of young women will come together through the Girls Give program to learn about philanthropy, share issues facing young women in their communities and develop their capacity and agency as leaders and change-makers in their communities.